Chinese Health Qigong Delegation Followed by Associate Professor Li Rensong Visited Portugal and Spain for Publicity & Promotion

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Chinese Health Qigong Delegation Followed by Associate Professor Li Rensong Visited Portugal and Spain for Publicity & Promotion

Publisher: Luo Wenxia, Published on: Oct.20, 2016

November 8 to 19, 2012, Associate Professor Li Rensong,

Associate Professor Li Rensong, who works in the Department of Physical Education, follows the Chinese Fitness Qigong delegations as a coach, visited Portugal and Spain to promote the popularity of Qigong, which achieved good results.

Photos of teaching promotional activities during the Portugal and Spain visit in 2012

November 9 - 18, 2012

First, the teaching activities in Portugal

1. The head of the delegation Yu Jianyong gives a speech in the opening ceremony

  2. Mr. Yu Jianyong presents souvenirs to Mr. Paul, president of the Portuguese Health Qigong Association

3.The delegation and the training class students take a group photo

4.Theoretical teaching

Mr. Li Rensong teaches the theory of Six Healing Sounds  and Muscle-Tendon Change Classic


 ①The Six Healing Sounds or Liu ZiJue is one of the common forms of Chinese qigong, and involves the coordination of movement and breathing patterns with specific sounds.

 ②The Yijin Jing, literally: "Muscle/Tendon Change Classic"is a manual containing a series of exercises, coordinated with breathing, said to enhance physical health dramatically when practiced consistently.)

Mr. Li Rensong shows students Six Healing Sounds in the theory class

5.Six Healing Sounds teaching

Mr.Li leads the students to practice Six Healing Sounds

Mr. Li corrects students’ practice of Six Healing Sounds

6.Muscle-Tendon Change Classic

Muscle-Tendon Change Classicteaching method

Mr. Li leads the students to practice Muscle-Tendon Change Classic

Mr. Li helps the student to correct his gesture

Mr. Li lets the students demonstrate, corrects the action and explains the essentials

7.He presents the training certificate to the students

Second, the teaching activities photos in Spain

  1. Mr. Li Rensong guides the training of Eight Pieces of BrocadeAt the Senior Care in Vigo City

(note: ③ Eight Pieces of Brocade acommon form of Chinese qigongrefers to how the eight individual movements of the form characterize and impart a silken quality (like that of a piece of brocade) to the body and its energy. )

                                 Mr. Li teaches performance in the class

Mr. Li leads the demonstration performance in the class

Mr. Li corrects the gesture of certain students

1. At the University of Pontevedra, teaching health Qigong

and Eight Pieces of Brocade as a way to publicize it.

Teachers and students attentively observe the performance


Teachers and students watch the demonstration show attentively

                                      Teachers and students concentrate on lectures

1. We hold training course of Health Qigong and Taichi training in Vigo city

  The trainees are imitating the boatman to shake the oars

The trainees are studying paddling a boat slowly

1. At the city of Vigo, we held collective big show of Five Animals and Eight Pieces of Brocade.

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