Fight Typhoon “Meranti"

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“Meranti”, the 14th typhoon this year, would make landfall in Xiamen at around 3:05 am, Sept. 15th, according to various forecasts and XMU, accordingly issued Top Alert. For Xiamen, it’s been a long time since the last landfall and people couldn’t help wondering if this would be another cry wolf.


PEU, in charge of various stadiums and playgrounds on two campuses, shoulders great responsibility in face of typhoon. No effort has been spared by the departmentbefore officially “Meranti” hit. Under the leadership of its dean Lin Zhicheng and Guo Qiongzhu, party chief representative of CPC, every corner of each stadium and playground has been carefully examined. All stadiums are featured with glass-windows to guarantee excellent lighting, which turns to be a disadvantage under such a circumstance. Staff reinforced all windows and doors with iron wires and tapes so as to increase their capacity of surviving in typhoon.


Deputy Secretary of CPC Guangdong Committee and Governor of Guangdong, and Deng Haiguang, Chief Commander of the Guangdong Provincial Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters, gave important instructions on September 12, requiring all departments concerned to take preventive measures as soon as possible so as to protect people’s safety and reduce property loss. Currently, all departments concerned are implementing the instructions and spare no efforts to ensure the emergency management.


Chen Hua, deputy party chief representative of CPC, was sent to be on duty that night. He stayed in an office of Wong-Chingming Natatorium in case of emergency and meanwhile provided newly enrolled postgraduates with on-line advice. Thanks to thorough consideration, preparation and great courage, PED suffered a little damage. Less than three hours right after the typhoon, a team composed of staff began to check and to arrange related work, such as danger elimination, property transfer, pavement obstacles removal, pipeline dredging, etc.


To guarantee normal teaching after Mid-Autumn festival, another team, mainly composed of students, was organized on the morning of 17th, repairing and maintaining various stadiums. Students, participated in such an activity, expressed their pleasure for having such an opportunity to make their contribution for the department. Education on the Party Spirit was even offered during breaks by Guo Qiongzhu, party chief representative of CPC. She approved of students’ efforts and required them to combine such an activity with Party Building Studies, to follow their commitment and to be a qualified member of the Party.

Under the common efforts, all stadiums, by that afternoon, were all restored to normal, ensuring teachings next day.


Tree Climbing Club has also played an essential role in fighting against “Meranti”.

On the afternoon of 16th, there were many tree-climber, with helmet and earplugs, in the university. They are students from tree-climbing class and led by Zheng Daxiong, the teacher, clearing the campus and saving injured trees.

Zheng Daxiong started to inspect trees on campus in the very morning after the typhoon and found that trees were severely damaged, blown off, broken and road blocked. Without any hesitation and equipped with some necessity then, he rushed to help saving trees together with five other highly experienced members.


According to Zheng Daxiong, students enrolled in tree-climbing class have learned not only skills to climb trees but also method to use oil-chain saw and science to prune trees. He also said that “armed with what they’ve learned in class, they could climb to certain heights where machines fail to reach and more importantly, they know better how to pruning trees”. Students do learn more through such an activity.