Xiamen University Won Consecutive Champion in The Cross-Strait Universities Sailing Competition

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         The 6th Cross-Strait Universities Sailing Competition was held in Xiamen city from 1th to the 5th of Septemberand Xiamen university won a fourth consecutive champion in this competition.


This competition could date back to 2011it is co-hosted by Xiamen municipal governments and Xiamen university. Having been held for five years nowthe competition attracts more than 150 university students from 24 universities in Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and mainland china to take part in. This kind of competition not only encourage our students to strive for better performance in sports but also boost the mutual communication and interaction among all the participants.


The competition took place in the 2th of september. 24 Teams were in the game, and they were separated into two groups. There are sixteen team in group A and eight in group B. Sailing is really a challenging and demanding sports. Players can be encountered with weather problems like storms, waves, torrent and boat failure problems. Consequently to be able to experience such kind of competition really means a big step forward for the team’s professional skill. After three days of firce competitionXiamen university, Dalian maritime university and Wuhan maritime engineer university stand out and covered the first three prizes of group A. On the other handFudan university, Zhejiang ocean university and Fuzhou university get the first three prizes of group B. Xiamen university not only won a champion in this competitionbut also received the invitation for the third Pacific University Sailing Competition.


Another bright spot about this competition is the rules that were used. It is the first time that the competition committee adopt an Olympic rule standard for the first eight groups to have a test competitionwhich of course will not be counted into the final grade.


Our sailing team could present such a fantastic performanceIt has everything to do with Xiamen university’s support and the team’s systematic training. What's more, sailings sports is rather popular among Xiamen university community. At present, there are more than five hundred memberships in our sailing clubs. We are putting more efforts to expand its popularity. It is sure that sailing sports will become another signal of Xiamen university.